About Us

About Our Hospital

About Us

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Solutions focused

Our disinfectants, in align with the Government Guidelines are all within the top three chemical base products currently being used to eradicate the virus.

Our Mission

Our Company has grown to provide a world class cleaning solution to help with Virus Protection. We are among the most qualified disinfectant providers, partnered with Chemists to adapt as new information is available. We’re Nimble.

Our Vision

We want to provide the most comprehensive cleaning service efficiently, nationwide. The perfect balance to save lives.

Our Stratagies

NOVID-19 will provide world class disinfectant services to the commercial and residential market. Securing materials, machinery are the key to providing as many people in the community with this necessary service.


Some Peace Of Mind - In A Time When It's Needed

We’re keeping up to date with all advice from the best medical professionals, all around the world. As information advances, we will too.